Hillary: It’s Not Over ’til the Grey Lady Sings

On Fox News last night Hillary Clinton laid out some of her strategy, and it looks like a scorched-earth march through North Carolina to Denver is in the offing. She looks forward to a credentials fight at the convention, and is challenging the party over the Florida and Michigan votes.

The video is now down at Fox, and it’s causing the page to hang…. that’ll be the last time I embed video directly from Fox.
..and Part II where the real strategy is laid out:

So wooing of superdelegates, plans to “recreate ’68“, and great political theater will continue through to the convention, better load up at the concession stand while you can.

One thought on “Hillary: It’s Not Over ’til the Grey Lady Sings”

  1. I have a feeling that Hillary is not going to give up and the nomination is going to have to be decided on the floor of the convention. If the superdelegates choose Hillary over Obama even though he has more popular votes and delegates going in, the Democratic convention is going to be a bloodbath. Bill Richardson was right when he said that Hillary and Bill’s supporters think they are “entitled” to the White House. With all the scandals that they have had, they should be in Hollywood. The Democratic party is
    self destructing over the fiascos in Michigan and Florida and the idea of the super delegates like their own electorial college…

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