Giuliani: We Need a Surge in Afghanistan

I’m definitely with Rudy on this one: we need a surge in Afghanistan to further isolate and pen the Jihadi’s in Pakistan. We need to lock down the gains we’ve made, to let the people of Afghanistan breathe freely, to let the deminers finish their work so children stop dying monthly from mines.

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To ensure that our successes in Afghanistan are not reversed, Mayor Rudy Giuliani has called for a “surge” in Afghanistan. This would be different from the successful “surge” in Iraq, but it will achieve a similar goal – giving the men and women of the United States military the strategy and resources they need to achieve their mission.

The stakes are extremely high in Afghanistan. Failure to stabilize Afghanistan would provide al-Qaeda with a renewed safe haven, further destabilize Pakistan, and embolden terrorists across the world. It would be a huge defeat in the Terrorists’ War on Us. America can’t let that happen, and Mayor Giuliani is the only presidential candidate to offer a serious plan to ensure victory in Afghanistan.

Last week, the Defense Department said that the United States is considering sending an additional 3,000 Marines to Afghanistan within two months, which fits in with the plan Mayor Giuliani announced earlier this month.