Rudy’s New Campaign Commercial

Rudy Guiliani has a new advertisement out, and I’m curious about your reaction to the ad — not about who you are voting for, what candidate you like or dislike, or which policy of Rudy’s that you hate or love. Instead, tell me what you think of the ad, is it effective, does it fall flat, does it inspire, or does it sound old-hat?

4 thoughts on “Rudy’s New Campaign Commercial”

  1. Not very inspirational really but then I’m pretty jaded when it comes to any political ads. He seems to be using fear more than hope as a theme in that ad. People want a leader not just a protector. To me Rudy’s strength is his confidence and the unmistakable New York attitude. I think the ad should have at least some statement from Rudy himself, not just the narrator voice.

  2. Great Ad!! Knowing there will be many more ads where he can make statements.

    It’s based on FACTS, not Fear.

    Go, Rudy!!!

  3. I was somewhat impressed with the content but put off by the hokie sound of the narrator’s voice. He sounded like he was trying toooo hard. I prefer a straight pitch.

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