Intercepted Assasination Intel

Pakistani authorities intercepted a congratulatory message from Baitullah Mehsud to the coordinator of the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Text from AP below:

Maulvi Sahib: Peace be on you.

Mehsud: Peace be on you, too.

Maulvi Sahib: How are you Emir Sahib?

Mehsud: Fine.

Maulvi Sahib: Congratulations. I arrived now tonight.

Mehsud: Congratulations to you, too.

Maulvi Sahib: They were our men there.

Mehsud: Who were they?

Maulvi Sahib : There were Saeed, the second was Badarwala Bilal and Ikramullah was also there.

Mehsud: The three did it?

Maulvi Sahib: Ikramullah and Bilal did it.

Mehsud: Then congratulations to you again.

Maulvi: Where are you? I want to meet with you?

Mehsud: I am in Makin. Come I am at Anwar Shah’s home.

Maulvi Sahib: OK I will come.

Mehsud: Do not inform their family presently.

Maulvi Sahib: Right.

Mehsud: It was a spectacular job. They were very brave boys who killed her.

Maulvi Sahib: Praise be to God. I will give you more details when I come.

Mehsud: I will wait for you. Congratulation once again.

Maulvi Sahib: Congratulations to you as well.

Mehsud: Any service?

Mauvliv: Thank you very much?

Mehsud: Peace be on you.

Maulvi: Same to you.

This intercept coupled with Al Qaeda’s claim of credit for the attack shows that Baitullah Mehsud is firmly allied with Bin Laden and Zawahiri, and that my prior speculation that he perhaps was playing his own game for power was wrong. Baitullah Mehsud is owned by foreign Al Qaeda miscreants bent on the destruction of Pakistan.

Pakistanis want to disbelieve that Al Qaeda exists, that they are a real threat to their country, and that they could have turned on their creators and former hosts. They can’t believe that Pakistanis would actually turn against Pakistan. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein’s eyes widening in disbelieve right before the monster slays him.

They had better start believing because AQ and their handful ISI tag-alongs have no place else to go now. Pakistan’s creation, these death crows, are home to roost – destroying Pakistan is now do or die for Al Qaeda, and Ayman’s called for Jihad.

More from the Daily Times.

Pakistan Burning

Riots and insurrections have broken out in most major cities in Pakistan in the wake of Benazir Bhutto’s funeral. There are some worrisome indicators: banks, transport, government buildings are the targets, and the violence and burning in some places seems less than random. Normally I would expect a few gas stations, KFC’s and other buildings to go up, but some of the violence appears directed, like the freeing of prisoners from  jails.

The security forces have stated that they intercepted a message from Baitullah Mehsud congratulating the unit that carried out the attack, and we also have Al Qaeda claiming credit for ordering the attack. It will be interesting to see if Baitullah Mehsud denies this or not.

 Video from AP:

Reforming Islam

An important debate of our time involves the reformation of Islam – and like a household hosting a mugger, the first step is recognizing and admitting that supporting the mugger is the problem.

The recent assassination in Pakistan demonstrates once more the desperate urgency of that problem for all Islamic people. All structures of governance in the Islamic world are but feathers upon the sand awaiting the deathwind of Jihad.

When any cleric, imam, mullah, or maulvi can declare a ruler, a law, a person, or a sect non-Islamic or takfir, then stable civil government — whatever form it might take, is impossible. Unreformed Islam is the path to unending misery, chaos, strife, and despair for Islamic people.

If muslims value their faith then they must not let people like Al Zarqawi and Al Zawahiri or the radical clerics and scholars who back them define Islam. I am not talking about defining it in western eyes either.

As the history unrolls it has become clear that the most vile, heinous, and inhumane treatment of Muslims has come from Al Qaeda and their aligned movements rather than the west. These murderers have maimed, tortured, starved killed, and stolen from more muslims than all the forces in the west. None can deny the horror they have wrought upon the Ummah.

After being scourged from Iraq and Afghanistan by other muslims, Al Qaeda has now decided to move on Pakistan – the first fully Islamic state. If they continue to make hate the most visibile message of the prophet, then Islam is doomed.  It will be Muslims who fear change who usher it in, and muslims who seek temporal power rather than purity who destroy it.

The neo-takfirists in Al Qaeda claim that they are the “true muslims”, and since they have decreed that, all who do not believe as they do are Takfir, or no longer true to Islam. They have self-proclaimed holy-writ, and if Islam is to survive then Muslims must tear that from their hands and reclaim their faith.

Muslims can’t do that without first examining the flaws and the unfinished scholasticism the Neo-takfirists exploit for power. So muslim scholars who love their faith must heal it, it’s not something non-muslims can do. To paraphrase Sophocles: “The unexamined faith is not worth having.”

At Threats watch Daveed Garstenstein-Ross hosted a debate about this subject between Robert Spencer and Marvin Hutchens, a US Marine, and a practicing Muslim for six years. Here is the link where you can hear the audio or read the transcript.