Elmasry: It’s Not Religious

mohammed-elmasry.jpgMohammed ElMasry, spokesperson for the Canadian Islamic Council, tries to say that the teen brutally murdered by her father for not wearing a headscarve wasn’t about religion. Forget the fact that the fundamentalist sects which are now the Saudi-funded vogue across the Islamic world require one. From Ace of Spades:

“I don’t want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue,” said Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

“It is a teenager issue.” – ElMasry

No, it’s a brutal murder driven by evil ideology propagated by gaping flaws of Tribal Islamic Sharia in the modern world. 

There’s a great article in the Sun today about the issue, and Salim Mansur contrasts how the CIC is a hate organization itself, and intends to muzzle free speech by filing suit against Mark Steyn and McClean’s magazine:

But the greater frivolity is the HRC’s willingness to hear the complaint from an organization whose president, Mohamed Elmasry, is on public record in Canada for the suggestion — though later retracted under duress — that Israelis in general over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for Palestinian suicide-bombers.

The murder of Aqsa Parvez and of countless other women among Muslims will continue not merely because Muslims cower in silence in their fear of radical Islamists, but also for the apathy of the Western public and politicians supinely appeasing and accommodating Muslim organizations such as the CIC.  

Here’s a link to that statement about Israel; and other hate statements can be found at Wiki. ElMasry also seeks to intimidate Muslims across Canada by calling them Takfir, or Apostate, as he did to Tarek Fatah. He seems to not follow his own words:

In Mecca, the ancient K’aaba is the designated House of God and the first ritual for a Hajj pilgrim is to circle the Kaaba seven times. Men perform this rite dressed in two simple pieces of coarse white seamless cloth, one for the lower body and another for the upper. Women wear their traditional clothing, usually in white.

The vast visual image of white-garbed circling humanity sends a powerful sensory and spiritual message, affirming that all human beings are created equal in the eyes of God and that only God can judge them.

 So essentially you have a spokesman for terrorists, a neo-takfirist, and an apologist for a brutal murderer filing suit against Mark Steyn. You have to wonder if the commission would take a case against Elmasry for his hate speech and intimidation?

This is the modern world, and you do not have the right to not be offended. You don’t have the right to call someone names and have them outcast or punished because they offend you. You don’t have the right to intimidate your fellow muslims, for they are sovereign individuals here, and it’s why they come here fleeing from the strong-man tyranny of the Islamic world.

The Human Rights commission is not only foolish to take the case; they would be clearly treading on the Charter of Canadian Rights if they make the ruling for Elmasry. At that point every member on the commission should be replaced, through whatever legal vehicles exist.

At that point complaints must be filed against Elmasry for every statement he has made against Jews. At that point cases must be filed against Elmasry for every statement he has made against gays. At that point Tarek Fatah must file a case against Elmasry for branding him Takfir.

I have faith and confidence in the people of Canada, there might be an inch gained by the fundamentalists here if the ruling goes against Mark Steyn, but in the end two miles will be lost for death clericists regardless of ruling.

For a contrasting view check AIFD.

Update on the Case against Mark Steyn at National Review Online.

Their outlook is gloomy, will Canadians so easily give up their Liberty to a gaggle of Eurocrats and hate-mullahs?

Emergency Rule Lifted in Pakistan

Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf lifted Emergency rule after making last minute changes to Pakistan’s constitution. These were to ensure that he could not be prosecuted after a new parliament sweeps in after the January elections.

Many are doubting the legitimacy of the elections, but the fact is that all of the major parties of Pakistan are in, and none are boycotting.

Normally I don’t serve up Al (qaida’s) Jazeera network stories here, but they are the only ones reporting this early. So here’s the AJ report, note that midway through you can see the First Troofer, Hamid Gul, sitting a table with a button on.