Soldier’s Angels Annual Fundraiser is ON!

Soldier’s Angels has started their annual fundraising drive, so it’s time to help out the brave soldiers who have put everything on the line for us, and who been harmed in the process. We can never give enough to them.

Please stop by if you have a blog and sign up for your favorite branch of the military, or hit the sidebar and scroll down to see some of their specific teams and efforts, every bit of help large or small is well-appreciated.

Soldier’s Angels

I’m signed up with the Army effort and if you care to donate then scroll down my right sidebar to contribute via the widget. Army has the lead for now, let’s keep it up! 

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  1. Sorry to post this here, but this is important
    Hi –
    We have had to change the widgets for the Valour-IT competition. The original ‘Chip-In’ widgets are frozen and not reflecting totals and money donated will not be credited for days. Thank you for participating and for changing the widget!

    You can go to the main listing page for a new widget

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