Four AQ Affiliate Terror Groups Responsible per Bhutto

At her first news conference since the terror attack last evening in Karachi Benazir Bhutto says that four Al Qaeda affiliate groups were involved. From USA Today:

Benazir Bhutto says she won’t “surrender our great nation” to the militants who tried to kill her during yesterday’s homecoming parade in Karachi, Pakistan.

“There was one suicide squad from the Taliban elements, one suicide squad from al-Qaida, one suicide squad from Pakistani Taliban and a fourth — a group — I believe from Karachi,” she said today, according to the Associated Press.

The official death toll now stands at 136.

Bhutto tells reporters that security guards stopped one man carrying a pistol and another wearing a bomb vest.

Manzoor Mughal, a police official, tells Reuters that the first explosion was caused by a hand grenade. It was followed by a sucide bomber. “Mughal said the head of the suspected bomber had been found, and it was estimated he had 15 to 20 kg of explosives strapped to his body. Typically, the upward force from a blast blows off the head an attacker,”


Note: There are several criminal gangs in Karachi; it’s likely the Karachi group was hired as a contingency.

Lawhawk has more on this, and Bill Roggio goes into great detail on the varying accounts and the sophistication of the attack. This was not an amateur attempt by any means, and AQ will attempt to put the face of a local group on this (HiJ, JeM, TNSM, etc.) because that’s how they work to recruit through local and regional causes. My wager is that the MSM buys it, but just a month ago those groups swore allegiance to AQ in press releases.

The good news is that they all missed. The bad news is that they murdered 136 Muslims, and maimed 250 more.