Those Darned Leaves

leaves.jpgIt’s that time of year — when you mow your lawn once a week, and it’s still coated with leaves and the grass too long. In the rain the leaves turn into a sodden mass that smothers and rots the grass beneath, and with the damp the grass is growing like gang-busters. It looks like I have to step up the mowing regime if I don’t want spots and holes in the lawn.

2 thoughts on “Those Darned Leaves”

  1. Thanks a lot Thanos. Here i am, happy as a lark that another day of work is done, then I read this…I look outside and see the third straight day of rain pelting away on the leaves on the grass and now of course, i can only envision this grass dying underneath those leaves before my eyes!

    hahaha i’m all depressed now! Please, can you post something about a new Al Qaeda leader in Iraq biting the pointy end of a missile?

  2. Hey Thanos,

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