Ansar Al Islam Founder Running Websites in CA and Norway

_krekarfaksimile_jp_617343h.jpgThe founder of Ansar al Islam, a Kurd known as Mullah Krekar, aka Najm al-Din Faraj Ahmad, operates multiple Islamist recruiting websites from Norway including one hosted in California. He has direct, known Al Qaeda affiliations, and the UN has marked him as a terrorist. Norway allows him to do so, although they say they monitor his web usage.

Right now our good friends in Norway, who are hosting him as a refugee, are in court trying to strip his refugee status and expel him. I’m all for doing that, but why haven’t they impounded every computer in his house to follow up on his known terror affiliations?

Since they can’t protect him as a refugee anymore they want to make him someone else’s problem rather than arrest him as a terrorist. He’s on his third appeal in the case, and still denying everything even though one of the websites is in his wife’s name.

Mullah Krekar maintains that his life is in danger if he returns to Iraq, something denied by his multiple trips there since he’s been living in Norway. In a 2005 interview on Al Jazeera he made threats against Norway, and the politician pursuing his deportation case there:

Now Krekar claims he faces torture and a death sentence if the Norwegian authorities send him back to Iraq. He told Al-Jazeera, therefore, that “everyone must know” that a deportation to Iraq “is an offense that shouldn’t be made without punishment.”

Krekar wasn’t specific, however, about what kind of punishment he thinks Norway should receive if a court upholds Solberg’s deportation order.

“I have faith in Allah,” Krekar told Al-Jazeera in the text of the interview dated August 31. “I defend my rights in their court just like Western people defend their rights. I am patient like they are patient. But if my patience runs out, I will react like Orientals do.”

Asked how “Orientals” react, Krekar said: “I don’t want to comment on that.”

Allah’s pardon
In the interview, Krekar also seemed to attack Solberg personally. “How can a politician play with my life to satisfy her adolescent political visions,” he asked.

Krekar also spoke positively about suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and developments in the Muslim world. “The whole world must see that Jihad… is increasing in its scope with Allah’s pardon,” he said. “This trend represents solidarity in the Muslim community.”

He added that he thinks “Jihadists” won’t ease up “until they see Islam’s house equipped with Saladins sable, Mohammed’s conquering turban and Osama bin Laden’s vision.” He thus combined three important symbols used by Islamic extremists.

If you don’t know who Ansar al Islam is, they are the Al Qaeda terror group that was operating in Northern Iraq before the war started. In August 2001 they traveled to Afghanistan and got training as well as seed money for their operations. Note that date, it’s prior to 9/11 — Al Qaeda was active in Iraq before 9/11 occurred.

UPDATE: Thanks to the work of the good folks at Jawa Report, the site is now taken down.

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