Test of WordPress 2.9 Cropping feature

I’m going to do another test of WP 2.9 crop feature, and you are 100 percent safe in ignoring this post. It turns out that my diskspace was full due to an uncleaned supercache directory after I upgraded the plugin during my last test. So, let me try again and check results.

There you have it, a great new feature in WP 2.9, that works fine. What would be nice is the ability to do this outside of the gallery window however, like when you click on an image in edit to pull up the “edit image” GUI.

North Korean Nuclear Test

North Korean Nuclear Test

North Korea has performed another underground nuclear test, and test launched more missiles. Video from AP

President Obama’s Statement:

Today, North Korea said that it has conducted a nuclear test in violation of international law. It appears to also have attempted a short range missile launch. These actions, while not a surprise given its statements and actions to date, are a matter of grave concern to all nations. North Korea’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons, as well as its ballistic missile program, constitute a threat to international peace and security.

By acting in blatant defiance of the United Nations Security Council, North Korea is directly and recklessly challenging the international community. North Korea’s behavior increases tensions and undermines stability in Northeast Asia. Such provocations will only serve to deepen North Korea’s isolation. It will not find international acceptance unless it abandons its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

The danger posed by North Korea’s threatening activities warrants action by the international community. We have been and will continue working with our allies and partners in the Six-Party Talks as well as other members of the U.N. Security Council in the days ahead.