A Walk Through the Leaves

A Walk Through the Leaves

We took Kasey and Chewey to Shawnee Mission Park today and they loved it. They met some new friends, including four Aussies. One of them was a double merle which most often results in birth defects, you will see her in the video. She got rescued by two kind ladies but is partially blind and deaf. For people who don’t know this: please do not interbreed two Australian Shepherds who are both merles either blue or red, it usually results in defects from the merle genes.

Update: Youtube disabled the audio track for reasons of copyright even though I am linking ELP’s Amazon page. Ah well, I guess they have to do that.

Barack Obama’s Terrorist Friend

The new McCain ad details some but not all of the connections to Bill Ayers, you can read more on them here. Below is the ad:

So the basic bullet points:

  1. Ayers and Obama Worked together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge
  2. Ayers Chose Obama to disperse millions and millions to radical “community groups”
  3. Ayers and Obama drafted the bylaws together
  4. Obama wrote a glowing book blurb for the cover of one of Ayer’s books
  5. Michelle invited Ayers to participate in a Panel that Obama was speaking on
  6. Obama’s political coming out party in Chicago was in Bill Ayers Living room
  7. Ayers and Obama served on the Woods foundation together as board members
  8. Obama and Ayers dispersed some of the foundation’s money to Reverend Wright’s Black LIberation Theology Church
  9. While they were still serving on the Woods Foundation together Ayers was pictured in Chicago Magazine standing on a US Flag in an article titled “No Regrets.”