Roadside Attractions


Roadside Attractions

As a child we used to drive long distances, sometimes it was from the old home to the new home since my parents were in the military, and sometimes it was to a park, a beach, a museum. Those long distance drives were times of joy to us as children, and times when we saw and learned new things. In the western states, land of imagination, there were many roadside attractions and I remember well the dinosaurs at Cabazon.

It chaps my hide that someone has turned them into a creationist museum, and perverted an opportunity for kids to learn into an opportunity to “lie for Jesus.” Ringo the Gringo has a photojournalism essay on the sad turn of events here. As enticing as those dinosaurs are, I wouldn’t recommend taking your kids to see them unless you are well prepared to counter the pseudo-science nonsense you will encounter there.

h/t Little Green Footballs

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