Holier than Thou: Outcast for Promoting Science

You might remember Ken from the infamous “Creationism Museum” in KY, you know the one where they imply that all black people are cursed.

Within some extreme fundamentalist sects of Islam there’s a doctrine known as “Takfirism”¬† – it’s most often used by terrorists like Ayman Al Zawhari, or by fundamentalist schools to justify killing other muslims through declaring them apostate. To boil it down to simple terms, on one pretext or another (your beard was trimmed to you played a music CD, etc, ) a person is declared Takfir and branded as apostate, and for the more extreme fundamentalists apostates are subject to death as punishment. To put it in simplest terms you are declared a heretic by someone who claims to be holier than you in your own faith.

For real Takfir most real scholars believe that the person who becomes Takfir must make a declaration of such or an open denial of some major component of their faith, you become Takfir through your own declaration or decision, not the declaration or or decision of another.

What’s this got to do with you and I?

In an earlier article I pointed out how Fox is either a sucker for the most fundamentalist views in Christianity, or they are are actively promoting those over mainstream Christian views, take your pick. In the US these fundamentalists use a similar “holier than thou” stance to brand anyone who doesn’t promote exact, literal, biblical inerrancy as a heretic and to cast them out. (Note that none of these¬† extremist Christians are so wrapped up in their own rhetoric that they think killing due to this is justified as some off flavor Salafi and Wahhabists in Islam do.)

Here’s another example as a followup to my earlier post, to demonstrate how intolerant these fringes really are and how ABC news is also a sucker for the extremists just like Fox:

In this segment they bring in notable Answers in Genesis whack ball Ken Ham try to refute the guy. You might remember Ken from the infamous “Creationism Museum” in KY, you know the one where they imply that all black people are cursed.

Roadside Attractions


Roadside Attractions

As a child we used to drive long distances, sometimes it was from the old home to the new home since my parents were in the military, and sometimes it was to a park, a beach, a museum. Those long distance drives were times of joy to us as children, and times when we saw and learned new things. In the western states, land of imagination, there were many roadside attractions and I remember well the dinosaurs at Cabazon.

It chaps my hide that someone has turned them into a creationist museum, and perverted an opportunity for kids to learn into an opportunity to “lie for Jesus.” Ringo the Gringo has a photojournalism essay on the sad turn of events here. As enticing as those dinosaurs are, I wouldn’t recommend taking your kids to see them unless you are well prepared to counter the pseudo-science nonsense you will encounter there.

h/t Little Green Footballs