Remember When Republicans Were the Adults in the Political Debate?

I’m a life long Republican — I really wish I could counter any of Rachel’s points here with some hard hitting reality – but I can’t because what she is stating is true. That’s a sad statement about the creeps running the right at present.

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7 Responses to Remember When Republicans Were the Adults in the Political Debate?

  1. emawkc says:

    What she says is true, but it’s only half true. She (and others from her political team) is correct that Republican fake outrage is “bull” but her side, the Democrats, are every bit as guilty of the same thing.

    By her “logic,” since there’s no Democrat outrage about continued troop presence in the middle east, than the outrage two years ago much be “bull.” The so-called health care reform is little more than a giant money giveaway to the pharma and health insurance industries.

    Unfortunately, this is real politics. Welcome to the world you created, Rachel Maddow.

  2. Thanos says:

    You should have stopped at “What she says is true” since everything after the “But” is bullshit deflection of the facts above.

  3. emawkc says:

    Let me clarify. Maddow’s outrage at the fake outrage on the right is just as fake as the fake outrage she’s outraged about.

    The producers of the ACORN Pimp videos are doing exactly what Michael Moore (and reality TV shows, for that matter) has been doing for years. Where’s Maddow’s outrage at Moore?

    There are many examples. A couple of years ago, the Democrats were outraged about our involvement in the Middle East. Where now is the outrage about escalating violence in Iraq?

    Used to be, Liberals were outraged about unfair and unconstitutional treatment of homosexuals. Where now is their outrage at the Obama administration’s support of the Defense of Mariage Act and the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military.

    The point is, Maddow, Limbaugh, Olberman, Beck… they’re all the same. They (as well as the parties they claim to represent) are vector quantities. They are the same amount of fake, just in different directions.

  4. Thanos says:

    They do it too! doesn’t work as an argument for adults, it’s fine if you want to stay at that prebuscent “I know you are but what am I?” level, so feel free to continue to miss the point.

    Republicans used to be better than that.

  5. emawkc says:

    That is my point. I’m not defending the Republicans at all. There is little difference between the parties right now. Maddow’s disingenuous piece (and your posting of it) is essentially the same tactic that is used by Fox News, et. al., and only serves to further a partisan system rather than move toward any kind of progress (which, ironically, is what she says she wants at the end of the segment).

  6. Sounds like you may need to consider going Independent. You know, you don’t HAVE to be a member of one of these two parties.

  7. Thanos says:

    Well yes you do if you want your voice and vote to actually be … you know, effective?

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