President Obama and I agree

President Obama and I agree

I usually have quibbles, reservations, or complete disagreement with much of what our President says, but here I am in 100 percent agreement. Like it our not we are a high energy society. If we want our planet clean then we must have abundant clean energy to keep it that way. Approximately 25 percent of our domestic electricity production is used to clean sewage and treat water, something few people are aware of. Increased Nuclear energy here creates better prospects for our future prosperity, but also better chance for prosperity in the rest of the world. The current world food security crisis is driven in large respect by energy constraints, and we need to remove those constraints to fight hunger and to enable poor nations to improve their lifestyles; which will lead to clean futures everywhere.

One thought on “President Obama and I agree”

  1. What good does it do to hear him talk about nuclear energy when the Dems are not going to let it get developed. it would be great if he and the rest of
    his party allowed more offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR until more
    nuclear power plants could be brought online and cut our dependence on foreign oil. The Dems are more for throwing the check book at the public
    or taking over car companies and banks than developing the industrial base
    this nation depends on. Both he and Congress are not listening to the people
    on the healthcare plan and can’t make a decision on the war in Afghanistan.
    Also he and his staff are at war with Fox News and other conservative outlets
    instead of focusing on the real problems….

    [ Thanos: one small quibble — ]

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