Irreducible Complexity Debunked Again; DI Trashed Again

Irreducible Complexity Debunked Again

NCSE has a new video out covering evolution of the mollusk eye which debunks one of the ID/Creationist’s favorite claims: that the eye is just too complex to have evolved, that each step would need to provide a benefit to be selected for. They are right in the second part, but wrong in the first. The eye did evolve naturally over long periods of time through many simple steps – but each provided some benefit. This video traces evolution of the eye in just one phylogenetic tree branch.

This second video is a great recap of some of the challenges overcome by NCSE in the Dover Trial and in Kansas when the board wanted to remove science standards.

4 thoughts on “Irreducible Complexity Debunked Again; DI Trashed Again”

  1. Does anyone really care what the creationists believe??

    We are currently engaged in the 4th world war with the portion of the Islamic world that agrees with Bin Laden dreaming of reducing several American to ashes.
    How long can you beat a dead horse?

    So Cal Mike

  2. She looks like an old hippy left over from the 60’s…all she needs is a
    headband and beads…and perhaps a joint….LOL

  3. She’s one very smart lady, and hippy’s stole their look from science geeks anyway — look at Einstein’s hair 🙂

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