Blue Kasey

Blue Kasey


If you look closely at a strand of Kasey’s seemingly gray fur with a magnifying glass it appears to scintillate with blue-green light. That’s the spectrum it reflects in, but in most lighting the blue green patches appear gray with only a dull bluish tint. Every now and then the light is right, as in this flash photo taken with the Sony DSC, and you can see that some of her fur really is blue / green. Why she’s called a “blue Merle”. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, look above her left eye.


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  1. HI thanos, I snitched your picture of Kasey smiling to thumbs up on SU, then I belatedly looked for an email addy where I could let you know, but lo and behold. I couldn’t find one. I suspect I’m in trouble now….Great pic of Kasey though…Sal

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