Ron Paul Marchers Still at It

Don’t tread on me… you might tear my hem…

If you’ve read my past articles then you already know what I think of Ron Paul and the aggregate of wishful thinkers he’s acquired, but they are somewhat impervious to reality. Jonn Lilyea at “This aint Hell but you can See it From Here” covers their latest antics in pictures and film here.  

You have to wonder if half of these people wouldn’t also show up if ANSWER or WCW were marching. There does seem to be quite a bit of Orange in the crowd.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul Marchers Still at It”

  1. Just keep sitting on your ass and bashing people boy, it’s probably all you’re “good” for.

  2. The reality is that we’re not going to stop – ever – because we have the truth on our side and we know it. Hence why, despite the bizarrely aggressive attempts to silence and ridicule us, we persist.

    Feel free to keep trying though – it’s not like us freedom lovers would try to take away your first amendment rights.


  3. Thanks for the link, Thanos.

    If you want to really explore the depth of their illness, check the comments on my YouTube video (164 at last count). Even YouTube plots conspiracies against them. Poor souls.

  4. Thanks for stopping by it’s appreciated Jonn, I see I spelled your name wrong. argg. Sorry friend, correction coming up.

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