3 thoughts on “Missile Defense Video Response to Obama”

  1. I have often commented about how Obama or Hillary would gut
    the military to serve their domestic agendas. This video proves
    that Obama knows nothing about the military or the defense
    of this nation and seems to care even less. Both North Korea and
    Iran are trying to produce nuclear weapons, neither at this
    time have a delivery system capable of reaching the U.S. But
    this could easily be overcome by buying technology from Russia
    and if we don’t have a missle defense in place by then we are
    going to get hurt.

  2. North Korea has theoretical capacity to hit the Aleutian chain or Hawaii, but in practice their test launches have never gone that far. Iran and Pakistan could hit Diego Garcia, Tel Aviv, or SE Europe.

  3. For North Korea or Iran to lauch missles to take us out of the picture or Isreal for that matter would be utterly suicide. We still
    have the advantage of numbers and targeting technology. I
    doubt if North Korea or Iran would put any money on where
    their missles would hit. Plus we have tested our missle defense
    systems in the Pacific and they have proven sucessful so far. For
    Iran to strike at Isreal again is stupid. They have the Patriot anti-
    missle missle which is improved over the earlier ones deployed
    during the Gulf War. The problem I see with the Patriot is the
    height of interception is too low not to allow damage on the
    surface. But you can bet the retaliation by the Israelis would let
    the world know that them having nukes was not just a rumor.

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