Laura Bush in Bamiya

Laura Bush revisited Bamiyan province in Afghanistan this weekend to raise more money for reconstruction and to showcase the progress made since her previous trip there. This is her third trip, but the press tends to ignore these calls for aid; doing the requisite one story and not examining in detail what Laura is trying to point out to the world. She’s been highly active in social causes such as education for Afghanistan, Democracy for Myanmar (Burma,) and aid for Africa for much of her stay in the white house, but to the mainstream press she doesn’t exist except for the required one story per event per outlet. Most of the general public has no clue that she’s been to Afghanistan three times. A quote from the story:

In a prelude to her trip to the Afghanistan donors conference this week in Paris, Mrs. Bush visited a construction site of a learning center for youngsters that will double as an orphanage. She marveled at how women, who just a few years ago were being forced by the Taliban to shroud themselves from head-to-toe, are now Afghan National Police trainees. She celebrated the halfway point of a project to pave a road from the airport to the town center in Bamiyan Province