The Touchy-Feely Obama

Obama’s raising hell about Bush’s speech in Israel about trying to appease the terrorists. Bush just
told it like it is although he didn’t mention any names, Obama was the first to counter his words. This is like someone who although suspected but not directly accused jumps up saying “No I didn’t, it wasn’t me!”

If Obama thinks he can go head to head with the leaders of North Korea Iran and Venezuela and come out on top he’s living in a fantasy world. He doesn’t have a clue on how they conduct negotiations and they wrote the book on lying and disinformation. Anything they say or sign concerning a treaty is not worth the ink used in their signatures.

Although people like Obama are so naive to believe they have accomplished a genuine feat only to find out all they did was waste their time and effort. To add to this, they will still have faith that the other side will change and honor their commitments — which has never and will never happen unless threatened by force of arms. And people like Obama will not press the issue and instead will allow it to evaporate like the dew on the morning grass.

3 thoughts on “The Touchy-Feely Obama”

  1. It didn’t take long for NBC to get an interview with President Bush then edit out words of an answer he gave about whether
    he was refering to Sen. Obama. NBC stands by the edit stating
    that the full answer can be found on their web site. So what about the people who don’t have or use computers? They have
    to take the TV interview as truth and not be allowed to see what Bush actually said. This allows NBC to put whatever spin they want on the answer that the President gave. Freedom of the press is one of our basic liberties, the government does not censor the press except in cases of national security. In a case
    such as this, it seems the news media is censoring the President
    and only allowing what they want the people to hear. Standing by their edit will put them in the same class as CBS and the
    Rathergate fiasco…

  2. What I haven’t heard stated is that Jimmy Carter just traveled to the Mid-East and met with HAMAS. President Bush’s rebuke was more likely intended for Carter rather than Obama.

  3. It would seem that way, but the news is still pointing that Bush’s
    remarks were aimed at Obama. Carter seems to duck faster
    than Obama and Obama picked up the glove. Carter is not the
    senior statesman he would like to believe he is and Hamas and
    the rest of the terrorist network knows it. They play him like
    a well worn fiddle…

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