Pakistan to Launch Offensive in Wake of Three Suicide Attacks?

The Taliban and Al Qaeda have made their strategy clear by three massive suicide attacks in the past four days that murdered over 85 muslims, and which maimed many others. Another attack on an army outpost also occurred and they burnt the out post down. One of the suicide attacks was on a meeting of tribal elders in which they were discussing raising a Lashkar, or tribal army, to drive foreign fighters out.

So even before the newly elected government is formed and before they have adopted any new policies the Takfirists are attacking them one side, while begging a hudna (false truce in which one side regroups) on the other.

NDTV-India reports that Pakistan is gearing up for a major offensive against the terrorists that attack inside Pakistan. They indicate Baitullah Mehsud’s Taliban in South Waziristan as the target.

This is a speculative news report in which they say Pakistan’s offensive will be “US-Aided” and in which sources are not named, so this could be carefully sprinkled agitprop, since the new government has been talking about holding meetings with the Taliban in other reports. It could also be a mis-interpretation of the role the military trainers the US is sending will take.

From NDTV:

The decision to go after the militants followed a recent increase in terrorist attacks in the country.

The proposed military offensive, according to diplomatic and US sources, is aimed at curbing the growing influence of the Taliban commander linked to al-Qaida, Baitullah Mehsud, in the tribal areas, particularly Waziristan.

Reports in the US media yesterday said that Washington is sending 100 military trainers to Pakistan who may also participate in operations against the militants

Until sources are named, or other indicators appear you have to characterize this as rumor or agitprop.

UPDATE: Dawn is also reporting a new offensive coming.

Other Rumors:

The Adam Gadahn Death Rumor is now denied, but we still haven’t heard who died in the February 28th strike near Wana.