The World of Noblesse

noblesseoblige-world-feb.jpg Here’s what the latest Clustrmap looks like, click the thumbnail to see it large. With all of the problems in Pakistan you can see that readers from there have ramped up, as well as many other areas of the subcontinent. The black area in Europe where the dots are thick probably go with my Vlaams Belang articles.

2 thoughts on “The World of Noblesse”

  1. Wow, it must be amazingly cool to realize that people from all over the world have read your words and looked at your pictures.

    That map is very telling, isn’t it. The areas where there are no dots, speak louder than those with.

    You do excellent work.


  2. Thanks, I do appreciate the compliment. The empty spaces do say a lot. The Great Firewall of China is evident, as is the blockage from North Korea, Iran, and other tyranical countries. You do see blips from Tehran, Baykonar, and Peking that show up for my missile defense articles. You see the Junta in Myanmar hit when I do an article on Aung San Suu Kyi, but mostly those countries are bare.
    Some of the empty space just correlates to this photo :

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