Politics in Pakistan: Why Musharraf Fears the Chaudhries

pakistan-chief-justice-iftikhar.jpgOnce when asked who he fears in Pakistan, President Musharraf replied off the record that he feared the Chaudhrie cousins. For some insight as to why, please stop by and read Adil Najam’s insightful article on the Chaudhries at All Things Pakistan.

Funding Jaimsh e Muhammed From the UK While on Benefits

The News of the World has a breaking investigative journalism piece in which an undercover reporter reveals a terror funding ring. The leader, Mohammed Nawaz Raja, lives in a mansion but also collects the dole! From the story by Mazher Mahmood:

The evil godfather of terror claims to have sent them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Incredibly Nawaz, who owns a five-bedroom £350,00 house, is himself being funded by the taxpayer.

He pockets £250-a-week in handouts — and boasts: “I’m a British national. The government pays me to live.”

And referring to his “charity” he adds chillingly: “We are supporting a lot of jihad (holy war) organisations. They need our support. They have to buy weapons!”

We nailed Nawaz, his ‘treasurer’ Mohammed Shakeel Akhtar (above right), and his shifty accountant after a perilous three-month investigation by an undercover team of reporters.

If you are wondering who Jaimsh e Muhammed is, here’s a link with several posts here referencing them.

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