Fox News Building Explosion

A “chemical” explosion is being reported at the Fox News building at Avenue of the Americas in New York. One man was burned and 700 have been evacuated, more at The Gothamist

 More updates to come

Fox News continues to broadcast from the lower floor, the explosion took place on “upper floors” and the fire department is not allowing people into the building. Occasional fire alarms are heard in the background the news broadcast, but the reporters continue with normal reporting.

This appears to be a reactive explosion, perhaps from maintenance activities, more to come.

UPDATE From Johnny Dollar, the Fox haters come out at DU and other places….

Update from the Post:

December 17, 2007 — Firefighters responded to a chemical explosion that erupted at 10:39 a.m. in a mechanic room this morning on the 45th floor of a midtown highrise.

The incident at 1211 Sixth Avenue left one man injured who was treated at the scene. Fire spokesman Jim Long says: “We have some sort of reaction between two chemicals that caused a slight explosion.” It was unclear what type of chemical was involved.

Seven hundred people who worked on the three floors below the site were evacuated.

“The fire department is on the scene and in control of the building,” officials said.

Witnesses on the scene said the lobby was also being evacuated and people were not allowed into the building’s lobby.

After an hour and a half, workers in the lower and mid-section of the building were allowed inside.

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