Leftists You Can Respect

There are a few respectable Leftists out there, though few and far between. Christopher Hitchens comes to mind, as well as Joseph Lieberman. In the UK the sensible left is led by the likes of David Aaronovitch, and this is a must-see documentary hosted by Harry’s Place.

As a firm proponent of BIG C Capitalism, I would normally never link to a socialist website, but — when someone’s being intellectually honest it’s right to point it out. Go to Harry’s Place for the four part video.

Please watch all four segments, it explains a lot about the current dichotomy in the left, and demonstrates how well-intentioned people often end up abetting things like this after slowly slipping downslope into the yawning abyss of purest evil.

Suicide bombers in the end are not brave romantic martyred souls, but cowardly killers who can’t face life. If they believed in their cause truly then they would live for it, not kill innocents. They haven’t the courage to face soldiers on the battle field, they haven’t the courage to raise a family, they haven’t the courage to persist in a cause, instead they destroy  themselves and their cause with their childish hate and  cowardly actions.

It’s time the left recognized that murder mullahs and death priests are not freedom fighters or oppressed people, or caused by Capitalism, Colonialism, Sexism, Racism, or any other ism but hate.

Only when the world socialist movement disassociates from the Marxist-Leninist adoption of ends justifying means (lieing, murdering, terrorism?! Check! All A-Ok as long as it furthers the cause;) will they again gain traction in the modern world. Until that time, they are left fighting over the ignorant masses of the world, and another powerful Ideology, Islamofascism, already has most of those masses in thrall. Who will be the useful idiots when all is said and done? A perilous question for the left that might be answered by the Caliphate.

Thanks and a hat tip to Little Green Footballs and NeverYetMelted.com