Waziristan Update

The recent release of several Al Qaeda prisoners, as detailed by Bill Roggio at The Fourth Rail looks very ominous for Waziristan if the truce is a sham. It appears to the knowledgable as if it might be, but something is still not adding up here.

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Pope’s Point Proven

The Pope recently gave a speech in which he he quoted the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus who severely indicted radical Islamism and forced conversions. Since they have trouble understanding parts of speech, like modifiers, the Palestinians prove his the fourteenth century Emperor’s point in modern times.

UPDATE Sister Leonella Murdered, she was shot four times in her back at the door of the S.O.S. hospital in Mogadishu.

A.P. Photo of Sister Leonella, A.P. Story

Is it time for the murder mullahs to reap what they sow? Is it time for the islamic death-priests to die themselves? Will this generational conflict, this clash of civilizations, this misunderstanding as CAIR would have it, be resolved until the real instigators find Allah?

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