The Path to 9/11

The left is google bombing the Path To 9/11, because they can’t stand the light of even a little truth. Here’s the link to the docudrama at ABC, let’s hope they don’t over-edit.

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Captain’s Quarters

Little green footballs

If you’ve been reading Noblesse awhile, you know my posts usually are not this brief, this is a tag post to counter the g-bomb.

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Rumors of Bin Laden: The Chitralis Speak

Interesting note from Chitral in light of the recent events and speculation regarding the impact and effects of the Waziristan Pact, from the Chitral News:

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North Waziristan Update

In closing statements from their meeting in Afghanistan, Musharaf and Karzai pledge mutual support, and an end to blaming each other in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and renewed vigor against terrorism. This is the second part of their meetings after the North Waziristan treaty in Pakistan. Since then 70 Aghan expatriate families are now migrating back from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

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