The Senate Moves

Today’s an exciting day — the DOW neared it’s record mark, Gasoline prices are low, Unemployment is low, New housing sales are strong according to the latest report, we have killed 4,000 terrorists in Iraq, and another 2,000 in Afghanistan just since the start of summer.

To put the real icing on the cake the Senate finally did something to enable our soldiers to interrogate prisoners, and to enable the government to Try the detainees at Guantanamo.

Watching the senate move legislation is akin to watching a slug cross frozen Lake Michigan, it’s always two whole eternities of debate before they can do anything. Every senator has to stake out their turf, shift their turf, and retriangulate five times before deciding anything.

Senators always pontificate more than they produce, it’s their nature. Every position has to be stated several times before cameras, the poll results and studies have to come back, and then they have to take the temperature of the media before they decide anything. These times don’t allow for four year decision cycles anymore, and it’s time to keep moving them while they have some momentum.

In an earlier post I pointed out the senate’s sloth and slumber, and how it was hurting the war on terror, so it’s a good thing that we finally have the way clear for interrogation and trials in Guantanamo. Above and beyond that the news was just flashed that they’ve closed debate in preparation for a vote on the border fence as well. So it’s a great day in america, something that was needed finally got done, albeit four years late.

My advice to American’s : now that you have the sluggards in motion, keep them moving! We are in a bright new century, one with endless promise and possibilities — the senate needs to pull itself out of the quagmire of last century’s debates and look ahead to the future for our children.