Why Natural Foods are Bad for You

In the continuing series “Liberals Lied People Died” this week’s update is about natural foods. Germs kill more people worldwide than any other cause, including old age, but for years we’ve been told that additives, preservatives, and modern agri-business are bad for us. The latest e-coli outbreak demonstrates why natural farming could be bad for you… while investigators are wandering the Salinas valley searching for source of the outbreak, I suspect the answer lies right underfoot.

Could it be that they grow the Spinach in fields coated with cow-shit perhaps?

Give me good ol’ agribusiness and chemically pure ammonium nitrate any day thank you! While I am making fun of the natural-food eating left-coast, this does have a somber follow-up: two children and and elderly man have died from this outbreak. The fact that liberals lied and people died is not humorous to the parents of those dead children.

When you hear that preservatives are bad for you, think again. When you hear that modern farming methods are bad, think again and do a bit more reading.

From Yahoo news:

“There are some situations of concern, may I say, that would warrant some possible corrections in the near future,” Roh told reporters by telephone. When asked to elaborate, a spokeswoman broke in and said the FDA would not, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation. The farm and plant inspections are expected to last another week.

Last week, Natural Selection Foods LLC of San Juan Bautista, Calif., recalled all its spinach and spinach-containing products. Many people reported eating the company’s spinach, sold under multiple brands, before falling sick. And a package of Dole baby spinach, one of those brands, taken from a victim’s refrigerator tested positive for E. coli