The Century of Freedom

The drive back from Tulsa was beautiful, the fall is the best time of year in the midwest — the temperature is perfect, there’s always a breeze and the sun is shines from a porcelain blue sky. You pass by the waving fields preparing for the harvests that feed the world, and the ranches with horses frolicing in the re-greened fields. You roll through wooded hills, across rivers winding to sea and past quiet towns where folks are happy and smiling.

While driving I was thinking of the things I would write on return, and decided that in this political season it is time to remind folks of joy, of love of country, and of hope for the future.

Most every farm or ranch I passed from Tulsa to Kansas City was flying a flag you see, some were faded and tattered, but what encouraged me most were the fresh, new banners streaming brightly against the winds across the plains, which far outnumbered the faded ones.

Patriotism, love of country, and hope for the future are indomitable in the midwest, they are like an eternal wellspring of joy flowing persistently free from the hearts of the people who live there.

This is the heart of our confidence, this is the steel in America’s spine, this is the mind and conscience that guides our moral path.

While it’s easy to focus on the nihilists who are busy throwing angstfull tantrums, or the jaded artists emoting woe over an life of plenty, or the polical neo-malthusian left, we should never do that overlong. If you stare too long in the abyss then…

The war is going better, the future is brighter, and hope is there for all. These times might seem bad, but they are not the times of yore when madmen had thousands of nuclear missles pointed at our cities, and in turn we had those pointed back. It’s not the times when thousands of Americans died per year in wars, it’s not the time when we were morally unsure. It’s not the time when more countries were communist than capitalist.

This is a bright new century, a wonderful new millenium, and it’s well past time to look ahead with confidence in our abilities. This century is one of discovery, one of a rolling tide of freedom and you should love the prospects of that for the world.

We are on the verge of ending both capital and energy poverty through technology, and with that dawn the millions held in thrall of darkness worldwide will become free. This is the Century of Freedom, this is the Millenium of Knowledge, so fasten your seatbelts, the ride’s going to be great fun.