Tinfoil Hat Contest Rules

Previously we discussed Jeremy Rifkin, environmental imperialism, as well as how to think like a moonbat liberal. I stated that to really think like a moonbat liberal it takes a tin-foil hat to screen out reason, reality, and critical thinking abilities; along with that I mentioned a contest.

Here are the entry rules for the official moonbat tinfoil hat contest:

  1. All Entries must reach me via email at: tark (the usual at sign) noblessoblige (the usual dot symbol) org no later than 9/25.
  2. All entries must have a picture of the tin foil hat in jpg format, it’s not necessary that you wear it.
  3. All pictures must be less than 100 Kilobytes and be no greater than 300×400 pixels in dimensions.
  4. It’s also completely fair to photoshop your hat onto a pic of your favorite moonbat.


  • Be Creative! Think of what your favorite moonbat would or should wear.
  • Done well enough, these can be re-used at Halloween, but have an adult hold your hand while wearing, I wouldn’t trust your ability to stay out of traffic with one of these on.
  • Reflective side out! It doesn’t work if the shiny side doesn’t reflect all reason away!
  • Tears in the foil will cause your hat to leak!
  • If you are lazy you can coat an exisiting hat with tinfoil in minutes.
  • Remember that Karl Rove is watching, so if you wish to stay anonymous, say so in your entry e-mail.

I am also seeking objective judges from other blogs to select the finalists, if you are interested please drop a line to the address above.


A permanent link for your blog in the sidebar here if you are a blogger, a permanent contributing author spot here if you are not.

A permanent page here with the winning entry posted in perpetuity

To put you in a creative mood, here’s a glimpse of a moonbat office cubical after the news on who really leaked Valerie Plame’s name came out:


moonbat cuby2.jpg


The same moonbat wanted to ensure that Carl Rove wouldn’t be reading her files with his x-ray vision, results below:


moonbat file folders2.jpg



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