UK Muslim Extremist Exposed on Facebook

UK Muslim Extremist Exposed on Facebook

Asghar Bukhari, a regular speaker for Muslim Public Affairs Committee of the UK appears frequently on television as a “moderate” muslim in interviews. This week he got caught out in a rant on facebook, and Damian Thompson of the Telegraph has confirmed with Bukhari himself that he stands by the statement :

“Muslims who fight against the occupation of their lands are ‘Mujahadeen’ and are blessed by Allah. And any Muslim who fights and dies against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise … There is no greater oppressor on this earth than the Zionists, who murder little children for sport.”

This is the pitfall with many of the political action groups posing as Moderates: first that many are not moderate at all – witness CAIR in America, and second that the media pimps their swill. Where can real moderate muslims go to be heard when media only courts the worst? You have to wonder if it’s a ratings thing – real moderates are too boring or something?

Or perhaps it’s because sometimes when moderates step forward they are stigmatized and threatened, at times by the very groups that the Beeb and others interview as “moderates”. PDF Link, Center for Social Cohesion.

Meanwhile Pastor Rick Warren is cozying up to MPAC-US, and the official MPAC site continues with the non-denial and excuses for encouraging Terror Groups, calling it Islamophobia to disagree:

**warning: Link to Islamist site.

Mumbai Terror Attack Roundup

There are several foci within Mumbai for this attack. Right now it appears that a number of terrorists (at least 20, [the number of actual attackers was later found to be 10, but with some reports of escapees) with varying numbers reported at some locations) attacked several locations killing more than 100 and wounding upwards of 187. Some of the terrorists appear to have arrived in rubber dinghys from offshore, and there’s a hunt on for the ship that deposited them since they appear to have come from out of country. They were armed with heavy military weapons and protective gear, and have large quantities of RDX explosives. At present two five star hotels, the Trident and the Taj, as well as Chabad House, also labeled Nariman house are hostage situations. The rest of this report is going to be a round up of links:

Nariman/Chabad house reporting:

Carl in Jerusalem

The Yeshiva World News


Military Summary:

The Long War Journal


LIve News feed from India:


At this point my speculation would be groups from the Lashkar-e-taibr constellation like Harkat ul Mujahideen al Islami, Harkat ul Mujahideen, SIMI, and others from the Karachi / Kashmir / India nexus groups. This is a well coordinated, well equipped, and long planned operation. While Indian authorities are pointing at foreigners it’s highly unlikely that some locals are not involved. I would wager that the leaders and weapons came in on the dinghy(s) and joined some local terrorists to carry this out.