High Desert Road in Winter

Here’s a spot on the highway between Searchlight and Las Vegas last Friday, most of the clouds were over the mountains and we even hit a few gaps and sunny sections on the way to catch my plane. The flight back was a bit of a mess, a take off alarm kept us from flying in the original plane and we had to move to a new plane — the good news was that the airlines held the flight connecting back to Kansas City and I only got in an hour or so late.

Memorial Day Weekend Snow

Memorial Day Weekend Snow

cottonwood-snowWe have a neighbor with a bigass cottonwood tree, and every year we get cottonwood snowbanks in May. This was taken with my Canon and the telephoto lens set to 300mm, kind of a cheaty way to get a sorta macro photo without a macro lens… as always click on the thumbnail for the larger version, even the larger version is cropped and reduced to less than a quarter of the original resolution these great cameras can take.


RIP Tony Snow

Tony Snow is a commentator and analyst who will be missed greatly. He was one of the sane people in the news business, never delving into vitriol and vinegar, but unafraid to ask the important questions. He was blessed with an optimism many in the beltway could use, and let us hope there are budding journalists out there who value Tony’s contribution and who will follow in the example he set.

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