What’s Cooking

Here’s what’s cooking tonight, they’ve been on two hours since the photo was snapped and will come off the smoker in about fifteen minutes. Yummmmm.

Smoking in Winter

The neighbors probably think I’m strange, but what the heck – smoked ribs just sounded good…

Ribs For Dinner

ribs-and-cornSlow smoked most of the day, that’s corn on the cob in the foil.

The New Rib Rack

The New Rib Rack


I’m trying out a new rack for smoking ribs, picked this thing up for nine bucks at Home Depot. We’ll see how it does, the worry about it that I have is that the ribs will come out dry, if you cook them bone side up on the grill they usually do not, but we will see in another hour. *Public Health Warning: If you click on the thumbnail to enlarge you will gain two pounds.*

UPDATE: The ribs are perfect.

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