Smoking in Winter

The neighbors probably think I’m strange, but what the heck – smoked ribs just sounded good…


3 responses to “Smoking in Winter”

  1. What are you talking about; “sounded good”? Smoked ribs ARE good!

    Also, there’s something magical about the smell of cooking smoke on a cold day…

  2. Hmmmm..What’s in the smoker???? could it be reindeer??????

  3. My sister is renowned in her town as a year round BBQ’r. Doesn’t matter what the weather is. She has been known to BBQ in the rain, sleet, and snow. Often. She says that I don’t BBQ except in summer because I’m a spoiled princess. I guess that when she’s right, she’s right. (Not that I don’t mind in the least, going to her house and partaking of the ribs, chicken, steak, roast or anything else she slaves away at the grill to produce. The two of you would get along great!