The Wright Place at the Wrong Time

Is America ready for a black president? You bet. Is america ready for a socialist president supported by anti-american kooks? Never again — we already tried that with Jimmy Carter.

As the Wright revelations ricochet round our political landscape it’s not time to duck for cover as many might think. Certainly Barack Obama can’t run and hide at this point, and today he will make a speech to deflect the criticism over the insane oratory made by his Pastor, the Reverend Wright for 20 years. He has to counter the position his associations with that pastor and church for twenty years have put him in, and he has to do that against a backdrop where people are already questioning his love of this country.

What is troubling however is that the speech is being billed as a speech about race, and that worries me. Wright’s problem isn’t that he’s black — it’s that he’s subscribed to several highly anti-american conspiracy theories, and he’s put them forth cloaked in gospel and black identity populism to his congregation every Sunday for 20 years. One of our future presidential candidates was sitting in the pews sometimes. While Wright has woven some identity based ravings into his sermons that are simply mirror image to Don Black’s Stormfront rants and racialist theories, they are really secondary to hating America.

The theory that the US was responsible for 9/11 abrogates personal responsibility, absolving a murderous  ideology and their adherents of murdering close to 3,000 Americans that horrid day. Here’s a hint for the Reverend since he’s highly focused on Black Identity populism: the people in the World trade center towers that day weren’t all white. The firefighters and police who died trying to rescue people weren’t all white.

So this isn’t about race at all – it’s about Wright’s willingness to believe in “they.” You know about “them” for “they” are talked about all the time. You know “they” are keeping us down. “They” are responsible for all the ill in the world. When I hear this stuff I know I’m dealing with someone who’s shirking responsibility, for as the wonderful Walt Kelly quipped: ” ‘They’ is us.

The buzz around the country right now isn’t about Wright and blackness, it’s about the kook-punditry he puts forth. Barack Obama’s campaign is in free-fall at the moment for  the same reasons that Ron Paul’s revolution deflated.

It’s never ok to attack america based on conspiracy theories of nutballs, regardless of your background. Just as Ron Paul doesn’t get a pass because “he’s a strict constitutionalist”, Barack Obama’s church doesn’t get a pass because they are black. Just as Vlaams Belang doesn’t get a pass for identity politics because they say they are “conservatives and anti-jihad”, Barack Obama doesn’t get a pass because he says he is a “uniter.”

As a contrast think about whether President Bush could have been selected and elected twice if he were from say, the Westboro Baptist Church.

In the end regardless of what people tell you, we select our candidates, and we elect our representatives, senators, and presidents. So if you think some hidden cabal is controlling america, go stare in the mirror and you will see one of the cabal members.

Is America ready for a black president? You bet. Is america ready for a socialist president supported by anti-american kooks? Never again — we already tried that with Jimmy Carter.

Post Speech UPDATE:

This will be a bit of a ramble as I am on a call, however I just listened to Senator Barack Obama’s speech and want to question some things he said.

First impression: He won over the press with this, said a few stirring things that will win back some who have faded, and this will save his candidacy.

He also tried to resurrect the Reverend Wright. Keyword which you will hear every commentator repeating endlessly “caricature”. In other words Reverend Wright isn’t really anti-American, he’s just “venting” He’s not a bigot, he’s just “angry’ and that’s ok.

Update: h/t itellu3times: Obama esentially outed himself on a lie in this speech. Previously he denied hearing these sorts of things in the church to CNN and Fox News, in this speech he admits it.

The worst part of this speech is that it made racial venting ok. Whether you are black or white. I don’t think it a good idea to excuse, forgive, or to stand by bigots. The basic theme of the speech is that in the US we have great promise, but we are all victims. In the speech he simply reframed The Reverend Wright’s “Them” to the standard evils Socialists see in the world. He widened the array of victims beyond just blacks, and wants to make us all victims.

To paraphrase:

It’s those lobbyists (forget for a moment that your 401K has lobbyists, forget for a moment that your Church has lobbyists, forget for a moment that one of the biggest lobbies in Washington is the Environmental lobby. Forget for a moment that everyone in America has special interests.)

It’s those evil corporations (forget for a moment that both your job and your retirement depend on those corporations, and their boards are elected by stockholders, if you have a 401K you own part of the corporations he attacks, they are American as apple-pie, yes a few have strayed onto evil ground, just as Reverend Wright did — when that happens corporations, execs, and shareholders get punished.)

It’s those “forces of divisiveness” (forget for a moment that making a speech that retreads historic wrongs to renew the anger does not aid that, forget for a moment that the “forces of divisiveness” he speaks of now originated in the Democrat Party, his party.)

He talked stirringly of our Revolution and how we overthrew tyranny, but in other speeches he doesn’t think Iraq should have the same opportunity. (Without the aid of France we would still be British subjects, without our aid the Iraqi’s would still be Sadaam’s subjects.)

The speech was all about victimhood and glossing over bigotry – so while it might have been stirring in parts, I’m going to respectfully disagree.

We are not a nation of victims, we are instead the land of the free, the home of the brave, the land of opportunity, and the leader for the world in the great challenges and responsibilities before us in the first half of this century.

We can’t throw Iraq under the bus and switch to Sudan. We can’t ignore tyrannies and hope they will go away – they won’t. We can’t put US interests at the mercy of Euro-socialist direction, and we certainly can’t forget that we have enemies out there who would kill us in a heartbeat were they but given the chance.

To sum up, it’s not ok for pastors to piss on america from their pulpit, never will be.

It’s also not ok to speak to the opportunity of America, and and then turn to rip on the institutions and mechanisms that make that opportunity possible.

Remaining question: If everyone in America is a “victim” then who the heck is “THEY”? I think Walt Kelly knows: They is us.

I say screw victimhood, because in 42 short years there will be 9 Billion humans on this planet — we seriously do not have time for whining and whinging.

The Sound and the Fury II

The Sound and the Fury II

Being an entirely random depository of evidence, findings, musings, observations, questions, & notes from my study of Vlaams Belang.

This is the ugly part of journalism – raw notes and research, cut and pasted here. I wanted you to see some of the process and effort that goes on in the background to research things, it ain’t pretty, but you can see that it’s thorough and also multi-sourced. In other words the analysis and conclusions come to here are not just on a whim, or after looking at one thing. I am not posting the VB site things I’ve dug up, because that is already out in other articles at other sites. Enjoy.

Let’s start at the beginning – when the debate over Vlaams Belang first came up, I was one of their initial defenders, saying they were less fascist than the Swedish Democrats, but after more research at their sites to validate what I was saying, I came across a few things, this was among the first and it prompted an article in the series at Little Green Footballs. This is the banner that VB cartoonist, Fre, uses for his column on cartoons in the VB youth magazine.


Another example of how they indoctrinate youth:

Jonger Acktief (JA)


This site is now “independent” since the court ruling against Vlaams Blok, but it was the outlet for youth propaganda. Note however that they still have the latest Vlaams Belang stuff, and still sell Odin’s cross necklaces. The new VB stuff they have to get from somewhere and would assume they need permission to sell it.

If you dig around on the site you will see Voorpost flags and lebensrunes in some pics along with a flag. I”m still researching the flag. (White background, Black Cross, Red Dragon over all.)

[*Note that the grave marker on the left bar at the site above is from Ijzer, (Yser river) near Diksmuide, it commemorates World War 1 and the Flemish who died in the fields there, and is a historic marker important to all Flemish people. It’s in memory of the lost generation, the horrific trench warfare that disillusioned all towards war, and the battles commemorated by the poem “In Flanders Fields.” There’s not a darned thing wrong with it, please do not get it confused with the white power sign as it’s completely different. The difference is the shape of the arms, and the width of the base as it follows the traditional religious Celtic Cross cross use. In the banner above you can see the Odin cross variety typically used to designate white power or “Identity purists. This is the banner of stormfront. The cross in the banner is outlawed in nearby Germany, the stylized Celtic cross with widening arms as seen on graves clearly is not.]

Kaffir – Kuffar?

Just a reminder : Kaffir was used extensively in Apartheid South Africa, it dates far back and might be borrowed from the Muslim denigration for non-believers: “Kuffar.”

Vlaams Belang group is still linked into the Flemish and Dutch supremacist fronts via voorpost and Ijzerwake activities. There are usually solidarity speeches with White South Africa, or the Afrikaaners at every Zangerfeest and Ijzerwake, at Voorpost this poster is a permanent fixture of the wall, as you can see they’ve run electric conduit over the top:


“Flemish Solidarity with White South Africa”

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The Sound and the Fury

stmaartensfonds-flag.jpg “The Flemish nationalists are the heirs of the collaborators of 1940-1945”
Karel Dillen in 1990.


It’s time to detail the full facts of the controversy over Vlaams Belang simply because the main issue around the feud has become entirely obscured in the back and forth and the emotions of the spat.

I want to lay out the argument and the facts I know in concise form, because many are are confused by the piecemeal nature of the back and forth posts over weeks. The problem with the back and forth is the focus on single details and rationalizations rather than the collective mass of facts or larger picture.

You should also be aware before you read that I’ve decided on the matter — my conclusion is that allying with Vlaams Belang would be strategically inept while providing little value, and would both harm our efforts to stem illegal immigration and sap support for our anti-Islamofacist efforts.

This is the case whether VB is taking a course to reform or not. There is too much evidence from their own sites, manifestos, statements, party publications, and affiliated groups that their leadership is not distant enough from the stance on collaborators, identity politics, and immature political theater to make any alliance with them sane. Even if they are making whole-hearted honest efforts to reform, the track record is just not long enough. (Some in their leadership are I think, some others aren’t.)

There is a also a large moral question in the midst of this bickering which I cannot decide for you — what I can do is leave the moral questions aside for the moment and put forth just the facts and the positions.

What I know

After investigating Vlaams Belang I found many indicators that their post-Vlaams Blok metamorphosis for their leadership is surface-veneer only; somewhat forced by the Belgian court decsions against their prior incarnation as well as EU laws against overt anti-semitism and overt Nazism. Couple that with the realpolitic of the alliances they need to control Antwerp, and you have a posture, not a firm stance.

The court order would have stopped public funding and since public funding is the only type that parties in Belgium are allowed to spend, the order would have killed Vlaams Blok; hence the softer, kinder, more compassionate Vlaams Belang.

Since the court order a second attempt has been tried to cut funds from Vlaams Belang based on Filip Dewinters statement that he is an “Islamophobe.” There’s really nothing wrong with that other than choice of words. (He is essentially saying that he is not rational – the definition of a phobia is an “irrational fear” – regardless, that’s not something that should be taken to court, and it’s wrong of other parties to do so.)   Continue reading “The Sound and the Fury”

Belgian Coalition Talks Collapse

Sinterklaas and Zwart Piet will be leaving lumps of coal for the parliament of Belgium after tries for a coalition government once again failed on the 174th day since elections. Leterme and DeWever (CDV and NVA respectively)  once again weren’t able to gather enough allies with agreements to the liberal Walloon region parties to form a coalition government. It looks as if the Belgians are going to have to do with interim government and Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt until new elections come (I think in January, but I am not certain.)

The CD-V and NVA coalition had been losing support steadily prior to the last elections because the Flemish population thinks they favor the Wallonian regions a bit too much for the majority that the Flemish have in the Parliament. Post election this time they are taking a much harder line to stem the flow of voters departing to Vlaams Belang in protest. It remains to be seen if their harder stance on the BHV region will work until next election. (BHV is a region surrounding West Brussels, splitting that off is somewhat like the Mason-Dixon line and Texas Redistricting all rolled into one for the Belgians, a thorny, passionate issue on all sides.) Story at AFP:
deeper into crisis.

Leterme had given up the task once before since the June 10 general election put his party in pole position to form a Christian-liberal coalition, involving two parties from each side of the linguistic divide.

“The last weeks and months I have done all I can to bring this task to a successful conclusion,” Leterme, the Flemish Christian Democrat leader, said in the parliament building after throwing in the towel.

“Unfortunately that has not been possible. Our country needs a stable government and reforms that will permit it to tackle its problems head on.”

He added that he had been aware, when he had first accepted the task of forming a government, “that I was taking a political as well as a personal risk”.

He remained available to work towards a solution to the political impasse, he said.

Meanwhile the “cordon sanitaire” seems to hold around Vlaams Belang, even though all Flemish nationalist parties voted together on the BHV motion that disrupted talks last time.

zangavondii.gifPerhaps if they gave the Vlaams Belang Jongeren (Flemish Interest Youth) different songbooks then other Flemish parties in their country would feel better about allying with them. This picture comes from the VBJ-Antwerp official page, and Antwerp has always been the core of VB’s party.

UPDATE: Good background of the history leading to this here at Turkish Press