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Normally I do not watch movies or Television much, and I’m not a big visual media consumer. Over the past few weeks recuperating gave me opportunity to catch up on a lot of media I had missed simply because holding a book and reading after they crack your chest open is a bit problematic for more than 20 minutes at a time.  So here’s my rundown and my recommendations for what I’ve watched recently.

The Perfect Getaway — Pretty darned good thriller – a tense drama filled with good twists and moments of romance and humor — and you even end up liking the bad guys and gals….

“The Book of Eli” — This dog of a movie is so bad that even Denzel Washington couldn’t save it and I’m not even going to link it.  If you must have a post apocalyptic wasteland movie, try “A Boy and His Dog,” “Road Warrior,” “Damnation Alley” or pretty much anything else. “The Book of Eli” turns out to be Christian Proselytization wrapped in a lot of stinky Skiffy — it’s so bad I would watch Zardoz or Waterworld again before I watched this abomination.

Inception” – I hate Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor, but this movie is superb and a must see for everyone. The complexities in it do require your full attention, so make sure you hit the bathroom before you go to this and don’t drink a lot – even a short break might cause you to loose anchor and continuity.

“The Man From Earth” — Highly thought provoking and a must see – this is the last work of the great Jerome Bixby. ( remember the Twilight Zone episode about the kid who thought people out into the cornfield?)

“Mad Men” — I Highly recommend this series seasons 1-3, a larger than life look at the Ad men empires of the sixties and the turmoils of those times. You will love and pity many of the characters as they hit both tragic and comedic highs and lows. This is the sixties as Shakespeare might have done them.

The Legend of the Seeker” — Seasons 1&2 — a relatively well done adult fantasy series based on the “Wizard’s First Rule” series. S&M, Women in bustiers and tight red leather outfits, what’s not to like?

“Heroes” – Season 1-4 — well scripted in some places, trite and tired in others, this is a bit of an uneven series. There’s a lot of soap opera talent that seems involved in this production so it certainly has its ups and downs, hooks and put offs, but overall there are enough really good threads and story lines running to keep you watching the whole series. I do recommend it but not as highly as other things; (e.g. it’s a cut above “Stargate SG-1 Season 9” but nowhere near as good as any season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”)

“Criminal Minds” – If you liked “Silence of the Lambs” or you are a fan of Jeffrey Deaver novels, then this is the police procedural drama for you. The series follows an FBI profiler unit as they tackle serial killers, stalkers, and others week by week.

2 thoughts on “Things to Watch”

  1. I suggest you also check out Breaking Bad. AMC is doing some of the best TV these days.

    Heroes was a very guilty pleasure (?) of mine. I watched it, I didn’t always enjoy it, and apart from the anonymity of the internet, I would never admit to watching it.

  2. and apart from the anonymity of the internet, I would never admit to watching it.

    I hear you there, I almost did not. Hiro, Claire, and Skylar are the ones who kept me watching. I’ve also been hearing a lot of good things about “Breaking Bad” but probably won’t have time for it now that I can hold books and am back at work again…

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