Sarah Steps in it Again

It started this am with a tweet from Sarah Palin that on second thought or handler edit was determined to contain too much religious bigotry, so it got deleted, replaced, and rewritten. Charles over at LGF noticed the comment and screen capped it, and it’s been a rollicking laugh riot ever since Sarah ‘refudiated’ her original tweet…. now she’s whining that Shakespeare made up words too (by golly!) so people shouldn’t be picking on her … the temerity of comparing herself to the immortal bard in turn spawned the wonderful hashtag #shakespalin — check it out.

UPDATE 7/19: Earlier this am I googled “Refudiate” and found it to be the 10th most popular search, and at 10:30 am central “refudiate” was the second most popular search term at google, will Refudiate make it to number 1?