Wikileaks Underwhelms

After skimming articles and looking at some of the data from the Assange/Wikileaks Afghanistan leaks I’m achieved a state of underwhelmed anger. There aren’t new smoking guns or revelations that I’ve found, and beyond a few journalists being able to say “See I told you so” again it’s about as current and relevant as The Bronski Beat.

The major allegations (ISI helping the Taliban and other terror groups, Civilian Casualties, Corrupt Government, USAID and other dev money mispent ) are all claims that have ample evidence to back them up without Assange’s leaks.

I wrote a lot about Hamid Gul’s ISI old guard Al Haq factions way back in ’06, and I wrote about Musharraf’s Pakistani government openly supplying terror groups and camps through October 2006 when the announcement was made and that stopped in theory but not in practice (as Roggio, I, and others have mentioned.) E.G. When the HuJI assassination attempts were made on Musharraf himself way back when they probably did not have to steal the missiles and .50 cal machine guns.

The big question is what the heck is the point? Assange can whine all he wants but he has jeopardized lives – lives of those aiding the war efforts in a country where most are fence sitters.  Real names of real people really in the theater right now are in those reports, real names of people trying to make a better future for Afghanistan. When their headless bodies start showing up in village squares should those photos be leaked directly and personally to Assange?

How many are going to willing to come down from the fence in the future after seeing these names published worldwide?