Narrow Minded Bigots Cancel Prom and Spite Everyone

Bigots from the Religious right have canceled a school prom when they were challenged by a lesbian who wanted to bring her girl friend and who wanted to dress in a tuxedo.

Bigots from the Religious right have canceled a school prom when they were challenged by a lesbian who wanted to bring her girl friend and who wanted to dress in a tuxedo. What kind of educators teach gay exclusion and bigotry?

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  1. Clearly this is the biggest issue the county faces. They were able to focus all their attention and resources on a girl wearing a tuxedo.

    What a paradise!


  2. If the lesbian hadn’t insisted on everyone else catering to her perversion, then all the other kids could have had their prom, but “Nooooooo..”

    Little Miss Entitled Lesbian. Great PR for the “gay rights movement” by the way.

  3. Dave, how is the girl here trying to get someone to “cater” to her…because she didn’t choose a date based on your ideas of right and wrong?

    Given your homophobia, I would guess you are extremely troubled by the expansion of gay rights, especially marriage. Good–bigots deserve to experience discomfort.

  4. bobsmith,

    This is rather simple, but no doubt you live in a world of gray.

    Because the lesbian is selfish concerning her perversion, all the other normal kids lost out on a great high school tradition.

    My ideas of right and wrong accord with thousands of years of accepted morality and are Biblically based. I’m quite comfortable with them and take pleasure knowing that makes folks like you uncomfortable.

  5. Hiliarious! So, it isn’t the case that it is one, selfish individual demanding to have the majority accommodate her, it that the majority are bigots and ruined it for everyone? The insistance that homosexuality be not just tolerated as normal, but accepted as equally normal as heterosexuality is the problem here. The School Board decided to defuse the whole issue and the cost of fighting the ACLU by not having a prom. There is no charter or Constitutional fiat that forces the school to pay for such a thing. In this economy, they likely don’t have the dollars to fight a court battle. So, they cancelled it altogether. Case closed. Except, the selfishness of the girl and the rapacious nature of the ACLU won’t let it go there. The point is to be rammed down everyone’s throat, and no descent is allowed. You will accept homosexuals are normal and regardless of your religious beliefs or moral underpinnings, you will not even turn your nose up!

    The girl is now pilloried at school for her unabashedly selfish behaviour and well she should be. You act like a selfish creep and you’re treated like a selfish creep. Live with it.

  6. The majority couldn’t care less if she comes with a girl date, I see you haven’t been to high school in this century.

    The selfishness lies on the part of the narrow minded religious bigots in the school administration who feel the need to punish everyone because they personally can’t stand the idea of a girl dating a girl.

  7. Miss Pitty Pat Hamilton says, “Oh, for pity sake.” The community thinks that a girl taking a girl to the prom is controversial. I doubt that that was a surprise to anyone involved.

    Within the Constitution, within a community, controversial ideas are discussed and you are obligated to try to change minds—not flash dance through the courts.

    However right (or wrong) one person does not get to decide how it will be and that’s that! A minority doesn’t get to decide how it will be and that’s that! A majority doesn’t get to decide how it will be and that’s that! You might note that the politicos in Washington seem to think that the last option is true about health care. Wrong!

    The social/political community discusses controversial subjects—longly or shortly–until everyone has had their say. Because folks, waiting at the other end of a “and that’s that” political attitude is civil war.

  8. This is the school administrator speaking. Not the class, I wager if they were asked they would reply that they would rather have the prom. So pity pat your strawman falls flat.

  9. But, pray, sir, what straw man, can you be more specific? It is you I might say, if I were to be so bold, which I will be in the interest of your education, that have set up the straw man of knowing what the student body thinks. By what method? Does Gallup know about your strange and wonderful ability; I myself am in awe.

    The point of my post, and I will try to keep this to one syllable words, is that it is discussion and then the rendering of an opinion that is the mark of a liberal democracy. One might remember that it wasn’t too many years ago that a student body in said environs would have, perhaps, I don’t want to steal your thunder here, such as it is, voted that blacks couldn’t attend. Consistency being the mark of intelligence I would guess you would have supported that vote???? Miss Pity Pat awaits your reply breathlessly.

  10. You are the one who professes to know what the student body and all of the parents think. I said it was an action by bigot school administrators. You seem to think the entire community backs the administrators by implications made by your strawman in your first comment. Prove it, or watch your strawman burn.

    Here’s the quote, now back it the fuck up:

    The community thinks that a girl taking a girl to the prom is controversial. I doubt that that was a surprise to anyone involved.

    I consider our ability to “flash dance through the courts” when the majority is oppressing an individual or minority to be one of the enduring freedoms of this country, you seem not to like individual rights.

    Here’s someone from the area who agrees with you, however she doesn’t have standing since she’s got no kids in the school, but wants to dictate to kids in the school with her bible anyway:

    Texas resident 60-year-old Marillyn Miears believed otherwise, stating, “It is a sin in God’s eyes to begin with… If they can’t bring the opposite sex to the prom, then they don’t need to be there.”

    Seeing how you are commenting from Ottowa Canada with your cute socky impersonation of a neoconfederate southerner, I don’t see why you care anyway. Oh wait… Hamilton — isn’t that where uber Roman Catholic bigot Kathy Shaidle is from?

  11. Miss Pity Pat Hamilton says, “Oh, for pity sake Thanos.” In the interests of time we’ll do this by the numbers.

    1. You twice in previous posts not only purport to know what a group of strangers think but also in the case of the admin ‘reveal’ what you know to be their world view then in your last post ‘forget’ about those assertions. If you are right about said views then where is the upset, even outrage at the admin decision?

    You assert student views as being paramount yet do not address the historical fact that blacks were in fact excluded in the past—said views having weight only when they agree with you, right? Ignoring inconvenient facts is not a substantive argument. Further, you appear to think there are only two world views; yours and bigots.

    You ignore inconvenient facts, you seem unable to follow an argument or think one though, but worse than just being stupid you are intellectually dishonest and as such a bore, self made.

    2. “…now back it the fuck up.” Vulgarities do not strengthen arguments; can this really be the first time you have been told that? Have you never read a comic book that mentioned it? LOL

    3. We agree of course on the use of the judicial system when constitutionally established civil liberties and civil rights are wrongly abridged. But that is not the case here, same sex prom dates do not have general agreement of being constitutionally protected. That will require a social/political discussion.

    Roe vs. Wade, ever heard of that flash dance? I strongly support abortion (with some restrictions) and worked as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood for a little over a year as a sexually transmitted disease councilor.

    Roe/Wade was dropped like an anvil in a fish pond and you might remember that there was no Moral Majority or Christian Right until then. They are a direct result of politically disenfranchising millions of people and worse portions of these groups have now morphed into murdering doctors. And do you know what the worse part is Thanos? The worse part is that I’m petrified that political process is moving to over turn Roe.

    All this might have been avoided with a national discussion, I say “might” because I don’t know how such a discussion would have turned out but it couldn’t be much worse than the situation we are in now; two contentious groups not able to exchange the simplest communication other than an occasional murder.

    4. Individual rights, none could be more of an advocate than myself. One of the major points of the Constitution (also see Federalist paper number 10) is to slow the political process to protect all of us from the tyranny of the majority and oh, how the present Washington politicos rage against that idea because like you, they “know” and the rest of us are just “bigots” of one ilk or another.

    What’s really disheartening is that I would guess you know more about comic books than the Constitution, the greatest political document ever written. It’s just all a free ride for you and yours as you think up more “I wanna’s” and “I wanna them nows.”

    It started out as fun but I’ve met so many like you on both the left and the right that anymore it makes my gorge rise.

  12. Well that’s a pretty long winded dissertation that covers a lot of landscape without explaining why you are obsessed with this post, why you continue to wave flaming strawmen about, and why you care about a school district in GA when you are a bigot from Canada. I think you probably just hate gay people for religious reasons, as all of your posts indicate. Now please come back with a new post, I like to keep you xtians lying for Jaysus! because it’s both humorous and hypocritical.

    PS: the part of the constitution I bet you like least is Amendment 14, and you probably aren’t fond of Article VI, nor parts of the 1st. Also please note the movement that became “the moral majority” started well before Roe V. Wade and it was in response to the ruling on Bob Jones U.. go figure .. See here , here, and here.

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