Sublimation: Fun With Dry Ice

Sublimation: Fun With Dry Ice

fun-with-dry-iceI had some dry ice left over from repairing the freezer (we stowed the frozen food in a cooler with Dry ice while I disassembled, repaired, and reassembled the ice maker) Dry ice sublimates much faster when you put it in water, as they do to make smoke at Rock concerts and clubs:

When dry ice is placed in water sublimation is accelerated, and low-sinking dense clouds of fog (smoke-like) are created. This is used in fog machines, at theaters, discothèques, haunted houses, and nightclubs for dramatic effects. Unlike most artificial fog machines, in which fog rises like smoke, fog from dry ice hovers above the ground. Dry ice is useful in theater productions that require dense fog effects.

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  1. Once upon a time eons ago, a friend of mine in Texas had his well “sand in” and he wanted to blow it clear. We pulled the well pipe and dropped
    200 lbs of dry ice down the casing and capped it. It almost blew the
    house next door off of it’s blocks. But the well was clear….

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