Ribs For Dinner

ribs-and-cornSlow smoked most of the day, that’s corn on the cob in the foil.

The Michael Moore Challenge

The Michael Moore Challenge

Some people estimate that Michael Moore’s worth is 100 million or better, and in his new movie he declares that capitalism is evil. Since capitalism is merely property and the trading thereof, I call on Michael to stop relishing his own evil by giving every penny he has away. Every bit of property, every car, all his clothes, all his stock portfolio all represent evil if he truly believes the theme of his new movie, so he should stop being a hypocrite and give it away, all of it. It’s EEEEVVVVUUUL.

The opposite however is true. For every evil Moore can point at from capitalism, a hundred or a thousand goods can be pointed out as well. Moore, like all socialist/marxist idealists fails to recognize that capitalism is a primal force of human nature that is a pure outgrowth and necessary evolutionary adaptation to our social environment.

While capitalism has flaws that can be exploited by those who are evil it certainly has fewer of those than any possible replacement. The real evil is in denying the reality of human nature which keeps us muddling towards a better outcome for all — even though it’s sometimes by fits and starts. When capitalism is interrupted then there are great wars and grief, and when populist ideologues try to force  change to natural order then great evil results. (see “The Last Bloody Century” )

Marxism, socialism, and the associated philosophies are banal, piteous, last century, and more than that they’ve been debunked, defenestrated, and are deceased – killed by time, reality, and dreams of a free future. It’s a new century Michael and communism is dead, so either give over your goods or get real and join us in this century.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Darwin’s tree of life has been much ridiculed by creationist fundamentalists since its conception by the brilliant scientist, but every branch, fork, and dead leaf becomes clearer with passing time. The decoding of genomic branching strengthens the theory of evolution almost every day as new papers are published. The tree is much more complex but at the same time simpler than even Darwin imagined.

In the old days one of the key objections to evolution was the step of the first animals from water to land. The evidence has become so strong that you don’t hear that objection anymore, with proof of the transition of  life from water to land and sometimes back again. This has occurred not once or twice but instead many times across many species. (Plants, insects, worms, all started at one point in water as an example.) Here’s a beautifully done video that illustrates the tree in a simple manner.

For more please visit the tree of life site.

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