One thought on “Why Scientists Accept Evolution”

  1. What irks me is how those who campaign for the theory of evolution morph into Darwinism and its offshoots. For the most part, fundamental “evolution” is not much disputed among geologists and earth scientists. Biological evolution, however, is still vastly shrouded in mystery. There are many compelling theories, but the scientific method for proving it has not advanced much beyond the adaptation stage. (I know very well about much of the fossil hypothesis, but my emphasis is on the scientific method.) Until someone gets fruit flies, for instance, to morph into another distinct form of critter the whole evolution mantra is still enshrouded in the compelling theory mantra.

    In my experience, those who are most forceful concerning the evolution theory are also hostile toward religion in general. My meaning here is that those folks seem to have much more than a scientific agenda. To that extent, they come off as zealots. I am not making a case for creative design. I am fully skeptical of evolution zealots and their hang-ups. I have debated many of them into the dark corners or their own fears.

    I have no beef with the “probability” data put forth in this You Tube offering, but rocket science is not based on probability; rocket technology sometimes is. Our major rocket failures have not been because the science was wrong. I am still waiting to review the biological evolution science. For now, it is the land of advanced scientific guessing based on probability. For the lay person, that is often enough. But so is classic eugenics.

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    Thanos: This is standard Discovery institute swill David, you’ve stated that you really don’t understand the science but it must be somehow wrong and associated somehow with Eugenics. Real science requires proof. If you doubt evolution, what’s your alternative theory, how does it explain the millions of data points and papers and proofs better than evolution, where’s your proof, and your papers that demonstrate your theory in a replicable manner? What’s your compelling “alternate theory” and what are you doing to prove it?

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