Don’t Drink Foo Foo Drinks, Don’t be Fooled by Foo Foo Budget Cuts

Don’t Drink Foo Foo Drinks, Don’t be Fooled by Foo Foo Budget Cuts


I don’t drink Foo Foo drinks except on rare occasions – there’s plenty of good reasons. One is that they are generally more expensive because they are blended, have those toy umbrellas and such, and you never know the alcohol content. So when I drink it’s usually a shot with chaser, or a mixed drink that I watch the bartender pour. That way I don’t get too much alcohol, and I don’t get too little. Too little and you get the hangover without the high, and too much creates those embarrassing tales that people never let you forget years later.

The budgets that congress has passed the last three years while the Democrats have been in power have a lot in common with foo foo drinks, there’s a lot of strange shit in them and you never know how it’s going to affect you.

Not only are the budgets bad, but what about the hidden costs of their other legislation? Just today they passed a big extension of hate crimes legislation – what’s this going to cost in terms of legal challenges, penal costs from sentence extensions, and will we have a hate crime hangover 20 years down the road? Who knows? The Dems don’t, but they are attempting to make it appear they are trying to be efficient in wasting our money – take this for example — Obama says he will cut 100 million from the budget – woohoo! Sounds like a lot right? Well here’s a visualization to give you an idea.