Republican Drilling Revolt

The Democrats Turn out the lights in Congress like they are across America, the Republicans Refuse to go.

More from CBS:

The House adjourned about three hours ago, but GOP lawmakers, outraged that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats went home for five weeks without allowing a vote on offshore drilling, have refused to leave the floor. Even though C-Span can’t show you what’s going on (C-Span is prevented from showing what’s happening on the floor when the House is out of session), Republicans are holding an unprecedented session on the House floor. They have brought in dozens of their members, who are walking up and down the aisles making speeches. They have packed the floors and galleries with staffers. When Capitol Police tried to remove reporters from the gallery, Republicans stopped it from happening. The crowd has repeatedly broken out in chants of “Vote, vote, vote!” There’s several dozen Cub Scouts sitting on the House floor in seats normally occupied by members.

So it goes: you give control of congress to the Democrats, and both Congress and America become … powerless.