Rites of Spring Roundup

Grab bag for Marxists..

Every May all of the Marxists get out and demonstrate or march. This spring was no exception, and like last year the theme was around Illegal immigration. The Socialists and Communists can’t find many willing supporters of revolution who are home grown US Citizens, so they look to imports for support. I’ve posted the great photo above from Ringo the Gringo because it’s a great combination of looming communism, and the nexus between Black and Latino Liberation Theology.

The marches were all much thinner than announced, and showed much less organization than the ’06 marches which were obviously well-financed. With the rift in the Democrat party and the need for funds for both candidates, the socialists and communists are putting their money elsewhere  – pick a candidate, and it’s not John McCain.

You will see everything from illegal immigrants who just want to be american to demonstrators who support terror organizations (FMLN, Fatah, Anarchists, Communists, some wannabe Direct Action /Black Bloc’ers, and some black and red alliance people.) These are definitely hate America first people.

In the pictures most of the posters are hand printed, and note that many of the professionally made posters and banners you do see are faded, spotted, or blotched in spots – signifying that they’ve been used multiple times already. No nicely printed signs with a nationwide central theme, distributed across the whole country as we’ve seen in the past. (2006 in particular) This points to the disunity in the kaleidescope of socialist, moonbat, and Communist organizations as well as lack of funding. (Nationwide coordinated central themes takes unity as well as money.)

Here are some photjournalistic view of the demonstrations:

Ringo The Gringo (from whom I borrowed the great photo above – sorry mom, I know you like Barack…)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Ringo, you did a great job on your photo-essay. I see you caught the local Coca Cola distributor handing out free samples. The demonstrators probably thought of it as a donation, but since the bottles were clad in the new designs and marketing campaign, it was plain ol’ crass capitalism. 🙂

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