British Hostage Video Airs on Al Arabiya

A new video of a British hostage aired on Al Arabiya today, from the Telegraph:

The bearded captive, who appears healthy, calls for the UK to free Iraqi prisoners in return for the men’s release, in the clip broadcast by the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya station
“I have been held here for nearly eight months,” he says, suggesting that the clip is already a month old.
Addressing Gordon Brown, the captive continues: “Release their people from prison so that we can go home. It is as simple as that.”
The video carries a message from the Islamic Shia Resistance in Iraq, a Shia faction believed to be connected to the Mahdi Army, the violent militia led by the radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.


With rebuilding efforts paramount to the future of Iraq, it’s very important to put an end to the hostage taking groups who will otherwise make recovery for the Shia areas of the country exceedingly difficult. NGO’s will not go where they are not safe.

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