Code Pink: “Iraqi Resistance Yes! US Marines No!”


Neocon Hippie stopped by the recent Berkeley protest and took photos of the event, but this one photo tells you everything you need to know about Code Pink and their Berkeley City Council supporters. See the whole photo stream here.

UPDATE: Zombie has done another excellent job of photodocumenting the demonstration from start to finish, please stop by his site, where he names who is there, and which organizations we are up against. [ Warning: tons of photos, give it time to load]

Meanwhile the City Council is learning that stupid actions have consequences.

BERKELEY – The council’s decision early Wednesday to retract a statement calling U.S. Marine recruiters “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” has not stopped lawmakers from moving forward with plans to pull millions of tax dollars earmarked for school lunches, ferry service and more.

The Berkeley City Council voted 7-2 to clarify one of its Jan. 29 motions with new language that recognizes “the recruiters’ right to locate in our city and the right of others to protest or support their presence.”

The new statement – written by Mayor Tom Bates and council members Max Anderson, Linda Maio and Darryl Moore – said the council opposes “the recruitment of our young people into this war,” yet emphasizes that “we deeply respect and support the men and women in our armed forces.”

Council members Betty Olds and Gordon Wozniak cast the opposing votes at 1 a.m. Wednesday after a 24-hour protest outside of Old City Hall that drew an estimated 2,000 people from both pro-and anti-military groups.

But a separate motion to formally apologize to the Marines – and the 25,000 people who wrote to city leaders expressing their anger and disgust over the council’s anti-military stance – failed.

The lack of an apology further angered Republicans lawmakers in both Washington and Sacramento who last week introduced legislation to pull millions of tax dollars headed to Berkeley for such things as school lunches and police communications equipment.

6 thoughts on “Code Pink: “Iraqi Resistance Yes! US Marines No!””

  1. Berkeley City Council displays a sick and sickening lack of understanding what is at stake in this world.
    may the campus empty out and the funding for their damn little town tell them what AMERICANS really think of them.
    without a sincere apology for their actions nobody believes that the council members had anything else in mind than to discredit the soldiers that fight for the freedom of sickos like the Berkeley traitors.
    how quickly they forget

  2. Berkeley has been so far out it’s amazing that it’s still here. They were
    protesting the Vietnam war back in the 60’s. San Francisco will probably
    gear up again after all the headlines about Berkeley. The hippies just changed the words on their protest signs. There’s still a lot of hippies out
    in California and apparently stll a lot of drugs….

  3. Where do you people think the democrat base of today comes from? The drug infested hippies of the 60’s were producing offspring haphazardly, whether it be with humans or animals. It’s called dumbing down of the democrat party..

  4. One has to ask….Which Iraqi resistance should they support?

    The Mehdi army? Islamic state of Iraq? Anzer al-islam? the Badr Brigade? Al-Quada? Abu Nidal Organization? There are so many to choose from, and since they are all fighting each other….how do they choose which one to support?

    Should they support the one that wants to behead woman who are without proper hijab…or the one that only wants to whip them with chains?

    I don’t think Code Pink has thought this one out.

  5. Too many useful idiots in this world. Useful idiots on the “right” and “left”. Just keep running to your government for help. That’s really all the govt. wants. Otherwise, there’d be no need for it to exist. If you’ve taken a side, you’re a useful idiot. Rest assured.

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