Sustaining America Forever

Occasionally you have to demolish the arguments of people whom you agree with and this is one of those occasions. Californians for Population Stabilization is a good group, calling for control of the border and controls and limits on immigration. Sensible, especially if you live in California and want a good future for your children and grandchildren.

There are plenty of good arguments against uncontrolled immigration, among them crime statistics, hospital closings, identity theft, tax losses, wage suppression, the cost of bilingual education, strain on social support infrastructures, and diminishing opportunities for native-born US citizens.

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words


 No need to say more, this says it all.

Love the Rain


Love Reign O’er Me 

Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love
Can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers
Laying in the fields.

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Checking back in

I checked out from news, from blogs, and from the election cycle a while, but now I am back, refreshed and feeling great.

While I was gone a few things occurred, the Madrassa destroyed in Bajaur, as Bill Roggio has ably reported on, the sad remarks from Senator Kerry, who dishonors his office every time he opens his mouth. The Stem cell stalking horse turned out to be a sad, sway-backed hag, and post-Ramadan violence is subsiding.

In the war on terror there has been again a shift, but I will write more on that later. Good to be back, the next few days are going to be light for posts however, we are going into a release weekend where I work.